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Communication - So Many Feelings...

Many of us have difficulty putting our feelings to words. For effective communication, it is vital that "I statements" are used and that feelings are expressed. Saying, "I think..." or "I feel like..." is not expressing a feeling. It is expressing a thought. Here is a list of feeling words that can be used for I statements and/or general self-expression. I feel...

Happy, Sad, Angry, Depressed, Nervous, Anxious, Excited, Elated, Bored, Impatient, Scared, Worried, Lonely, Powerful, Frustrated, Upset, Confident, Insecure, Uncomfortable, Empty, Energized, Pleased, Empowered, Hurt, Guilty, Shameful, Remorseful, Perturbed, Affectionate, Abandoned, Agitated, Amused, Belittled, Betrayed, Brave, Calm, Captivated, Cheerful, Compassionate, Crushed, Dependent, Deprived, Deflated, Doubtful, Eager, Embarrassed, Empathetic, Envious, Fascinated, Foolish, Grateful, Grieved, Hurried, Humble, Horrified, Inadequate, Indifferent, Impressed, Inhibited, Jealous, Little, Lost, Miserable, Naive, Overcome, Overwhelmed, Panicky, Paralyzed, Peaceful, Persecuted, pessimistic, puzzled, provoked, protective, perplexed, Rattled, Rejected, Relaxed, Restless, Self-conscious, Selfish, Sensitive, Sentimental, Serene, Shocked, Silly, Sorrowful, Superior, Tense, Ticked off, Tired, Tolerant, Unappreciated, Uneasy, Unimportant, Unkind, Unprepared, Unsure, Used, Vindictive, Warm, Worthless, Bewildered, Apprehensive, Astounded, Confused, Curious, Defensive, Disgusted, Encouraged, and Flustered.
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