Women as Perpatrators

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Domestic Violence
Abusive Women

Women as Perpatrators

Indeed, women do use assaultive behaviors. Research on a national, random sample of households seems to show that women are as equally likely as men to hit. However, when you look at who gets hurt the story changes. Analysis of police reports in California indicated that in 90% of cases that went to court, only the women were injured. In the remaining 10%, both parties had injuries. In all cases where both parties had injuries, the woman's injuries were more severe than the man's. Men are typically bigger and stronger and more likely to use a weapon than women. Studies have indicated that women who abuse partners do so only after having been abused themselves by that partner over a long period of time. Unfortunately, when women fight back, the man is 10 times more likely to press charges than were the women when they were the victim. Second, there are issues of long-term victimization. When a relationship breaks up, the general finding is that the man will keep his job, the woman will keep the children.
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