Types of Domestic Violence

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Domestic Violence
Signs of Abuse

Types of Domestic violence

Physical Assault
Includes shoving, pushing, restraining, pinching, stepping on or sitting on victim, hitting, kicking, or pulling hair. Physical assaults may occur frequently or infrequently, but in many cases they tend to escalate in severity and frequency over time.
Sexual Assault
Any time one partner forces sexual acts which are unwanted or declined by the other partner.
Psychological Assault
Includes isolation from family and friends, forced financial dependence, verbal and emotional abuse, threats, intimidation, and control over where the partner can go, who they can see or talk to, what they can wear or not wear, and what she can do. Attacks
Against Property and Pets
Destruction of property which may include household objects (phone, remote, lamp, dishes etc.) or treasured objects belonging to the victim, hitting the walls, or abusing or killing beloved pets.
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