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Karen Dougherty MS

My name is Karen and I am the author of Psych-Net Mental Health and have been since 1996.

I am a psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Life Coach and instructor. I have worked in the field of clinical psychology and human behavior for many years. Over the course of my formal and continuing education and experience I have developed several areas of expertise including diagnosing and treating mental health issues, counseling families, couples, individuals adolescents and children. I am also a trained and certified Hypnotherapist and Life Coach.

I have taught parenting classes, and couples classes at work, in my church and in the community. I have worked as a Family Advocate/Parent Advocate working with teens, children and their families. I lead therapy groups for at-risk parents, at risk teens and abused and neglected children. I have additional expertise in anger management, working with perpetrators and victims. I've worked in private practice, at a children's residential treatment center for severely abused children, at clinics for treatment of violent abusers and their families and with those incarcerated for violent offenses, drug abuse and family member abuses.

Besides having interest in psychology, I have also worked as a vocational nurse, an emergency medical technician, a drafts-person, dance instructor, an administrative buissness accountant, and a Sunday School teacher. I'm also a published poet and artist.

My family and I have been involved in community theatre for many years. I like to craft, read, write, and travel. I love music and I enjoy a wide variety of hobbies including gardening, outdoor sports, animals, and computing. I have been married to the same man since 1976 and I have two grown boys, and a nephew which we raised.

The information on my web pages comes from a variety of sources including my own experience, work experience, seven years of formal education, books and manuals. I have been involved in research pertaining to eating disorders, dissociation, domestic violence, gender bias and parenting.

Written material from these pages may not be reprinted in any form and/or used for profit without written permission from Psych-Net.com unless otherwise stated. Use for free distribution or for personal use must contain proper references and siting, i.e. Karen Dougherty MS, Psych-Net Mental Health - &quo;http://www.psych-net.com" email for copyright information.

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