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The Unemployment Blues, a Seniors Nightmare

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While so many people are looking for work it is a fact that those who are age 55+ are remaining unemployed far longer than their younger counterparts. Googling the topic “unemployed seniors” can leave one with the impression that finding a job after age 55 is extremely difficult, and it is. Consequently people who have been jobless for six months or more, whether older or young are experiencing greater feelings of depression and are wondering what they can do to improve their finances.

Before you can get back on track you may need to change the way you are thinking about your situation. While feelings of hopelessness and despair are normal, letting them have center stage is not helpful and in fact can make matters worse. Here are a few suggestions for changing a negative mindset.

Make a list of your daily thoughts, activities and moods that are getting in the way of finding success, i.e., “I ruminate about how angry I am at my former employer,” “I watch more T.V. than I did when I was working,” or “I just don’t feel like getting out of bed or going to bed at regular times anymore.”

Next, Make a list of things you can do to replace those unproductive thoughts and behaviors with thoughts and activities that are positive. For instance, commit to a few specific changes such as, 1. “When I ruminate I will replace negative thoughts by listing things that I am grateful for” 2. “Instead of watching T.V. I will choose to do something to help me reach my goals such as researching ways to make money from home” and 3. I will make a daily schedule that includes time slots for looking for a job, doing things that will allow me to make some money from home and specific times for sleep.” The items on your lists should reflect those thoughts that are most problematic.

Changing your way of thinking and feeling isn’t easy but it is very doable. The longer you are unemployed the more likely you will develop unproductive habits that will make getting back on track more difficult. Start today to make a difference in your life by making a list of both long-term and short-term goals. Then list specific steps for each goal that you can take to begin working on each goal. Look at your lists everyday and commit to achieving one of your specific steps each day.

That’s a lot of lists, but unless you make your goals real by writing them down and referring to them daily you will likely get sidetracked by less important things. Having a goal isn’t enough. To reach difficult goals you have to give them center stage, break each goal into smaller parts that can be successfully achieved and commit to attending to them every day.

In the meantime, you need money now. There are many ways to bring in a little income while looking for a full-time job. For those of you in your senior years the internet may feel unfamiliar but getting acquainted with it can help you realize your goals as well as offer you ways to earn a little money.

For instance, in many states there are “shopper” sites that will provide you with free meals as well as pay you to eat them. The income increases the more you do it, but you can expect to get a free meal every day as well as about $100 a month to boot.

There are also online survey sites that will pay you to do online tasks and to fill out surveys. Be sure to do your homework before spending too much time on a random site to be sure it is a legitimate business. People who spend 5 hours a day on these sites make an average of $5-$20 per day. It is not a lot but at the end of the month when you get a check for $100-$400 you will be glad to have a little cash in your pocket.

The best ideas are original and creative ideas. If you have a skill you can use in an online business give it a shot. If you live in a place where garage sales or discount stores are available try your hand at selling things on Ebay. I’ve known many retired people who make a good income selling things they find at sales online.

Most importantly, do your best to think positively, reminding yourself that you are capable of doing hard things. If you find yourself becoming depressed, or just worn out, reach out and find someone to talk to that can help you through your difficulties.  An online therapist at www.psych-net.com can help you with feelings of despair, and a life coach at www.lifecoachcpc.com can help you find the tools and the motivation to keep on going until you reach your goals.
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